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It's Not All About Coffee... With Olwethu Mavuso

This month, we're very aptly focusing on the mums of Rosetta, and first up is a mother and one of our beloved chef's, Olwethu Mavuso! Carry on reading to learn more about Olwethu's journey with us, handling the kitchen with grace and why she isn't playing pro soccer anymore.  ROSETTA: Introduce yourself to us and tell us what you do at Rosetta / how long have you been working there?  OLWETHU: My name is Olwethu Mavuso; I'm 29 and was born in Cape Town, Khayelitsha. I was raised by a single parent and went to primary and high school in Khayelitsha. I went to Northlink College in 2011 and started to work at Rosetta in November 2020 — so it's been plus-minus six months,...

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Rosetta in pods - here's why!

If you've been around for the last little while, you'll know that Rosetta has introduced a capsule or pod.  The decision to produce pods is not one we've taken lightly — in fact, we've resisted the many opportunities we've had to do so over the last decade. However, we're confident that the quality we are currently achieving makes a move worthwhile, and we thought we'd let you into the process! A little background (and data) Nespresso branded pods aim to help you replicate a traditional (continental) cafe espresso experience in the comfort of your home. Do they succeed? For the most part, yes - exceptionally well. How so? An Italian cafe espresso has a pretty clear definition — 7g of...

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It's Not All About Coffee... With Tim Porter

It's hard to ignore Tim. Even as a behind-the-scenes kind of man his presence is very much felt throughout everything that happens at Rosetta. Not just because he runs operations, but, because... he cares. In this installment of It's Not All About The Coffee we take a seat with the man that keeps a lot of the day-to-day hustling and bustling clocking over in each of our stores.

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It's Not All About Coffee... With Jonathan Van Rooyen

I’ve become a better person since working here, not necessarily excellent. Excellence is a lifetime pursuit. Begin better is more attainable for now. As a barista, I know a lot more about coffee than what I did a few years ago, and as a person, I’ve grown more empathetic and, like I said, a bit more curious. 

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