Rosetta Introduces the KINTO Travel Tumbler

Rosetta Introduces the KINTO Travel Tumbler

We're excited to announce that we're stocking some KINTO products at our Bree Street and Silo District cafes, at our stand in Cavendish's we are EGG store, as well as online. 

Not sure who KINTO is? 

KINTO is a Japanese manufacturer of really considered and beautiful homeware products with a strong focus on coffee.

Why is this a big thing

Due to our South Africa's geographic location and our market size, we often only have access to a limited range of products, making it a treat for us to work with a partner like KINTO, enabling us to add a few unique items to our market. 

What unique items? 

*Drumroll* We've decided to stock the KINTO Travel Tumbler (in black and off-white, with more colours to follow). We want to alleviate fears that this tumbler is like your average keep cup. It's not. 

This Tumbler is: 

  • Easy-to-clean with an 'anti-mess' screw-top lid and drinking spout; 
  • Powder-coated finish to prevent scratches;
  • Elegantly streamlined high-design that does not compromise on the use-ability; 

In short, in the words of Buzz Feed (don't roll your eyes at us yet), "the Kinto Travel Tumbler meets all the criteria of a premium travel mug, and it just so happens to look really good while doing so." 

Need some more convincing? 

Read this review by Emily Johnson and Zoë Sessums for Epicurious — just like us they were looking for a travel mug that 1. doesn't leak, 2. keeps coffee warm, and tested more than 20 of them, so you don't have to. 

Or, this 'Ultimate Guide & Review' by Ales Pospisil who takes the time to show us the stats of his Thermal Loss and Leak tests, amongst other things. Thank you, Ales, thank you. 

Click through to the see the KINTO keep-cup (travel tumbler) in our online store, or maybe send the link to someone considering what to buy you as a Functional-Valentines-Birthday-Christmas 2021-Hiking-Every-Day gift *hint, hint*?

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