A quick guide to our roast styles

As you will notice on our coffees page, we class our coffees into two broad roast categories, ‘Progressive' or 'Classic'.


These tend to be lighter bodied coffees, that forefront flavour nuances inherent to the specific bean. These coffees tend to have natural sweetness and distinctive aromatic properties.

As a general guide, they'll be great brewed using any filter method. We'd recommend trying them black. 

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These will be fuller bodied coffees that exhibit more obvious roast-centric flavours, like caramelised sugar. 

While bitterness has its place in every coffee, there is enough of that in each raw coffee without us ever feeling it is necessary to add more of that through the roast process. For this reason, even our darkest roasts are still very moderate medium roasts, relative to the full spectrum of coffee roasts available in the market today.

Our classic coffees will make great espresso-based beverages, and they're a good option for french press and moka-pot brewing, especially if you like your coffee with milk.

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