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Kianyangi AA, Kenya

Kianyangi AA, Kenya

Bold & bright, citrus, red grape, syrupy molasses

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Roast Style: Progressive

These tend to be lighter bodied coffees, that forefront flavour nuances inherent to the specific bean. These coffees tend to have natural sweetness and distinctive aromatic properties.

As a general guide, they'll be great brewed using any filter method. We'd recommend trying them black.

Roaster's Notes

Our approach to roasting Kenyan coffee centres around prominently showcasing the vibrant acidity, a hallmark of the region. Short and intense roast profiles, this accentuates its lively allure.

The term "AA" refers to the grading system used, indicating the size of the beans within this particular lot. Many specialty coffee buyers and roasters also consider bean size as one of the criteria when assessing quality. Large beans such as this are often associated with higher quality due to factors such as maturity and flavour development. Beans of uniform size roast at a similar rate, this helps mitigate the chance of over-roasting or under-roasting of individual beans within a batch.

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Kianyangi is one of the four factories that forms part of Murue Farmers Cooperative Society, specialising in fully washed processed coffees. During the Kenyan coffee harvest season, skilled hands work diligently from October to December. The cherries are picked at their ripest and rigorously hand sorted. They are then pulped and sorted by density before fermentation, lasting between 16 to 24 hours. Post-fermentation, the coffees undergo another round of density grading in washing channels. A final soak for an additional 16 to 18 hours before making their way to the drying beds.

Altitude: 1700m - 1900m ASL
Processing: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian & Ruiru 11
Harvest: 2022/3
Region: Embu County, Kenya
Producer: Smallholder farmers of the Murue Farmers Cooperative



For the last ten years we’ve had the privilege of sourcing, roasting and showcasing many superb and distinctive coffees.

There’s so much exciting variety in coffee that we feel like we'd be selfish not to share it with our growing family of coffee lovers.

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