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We're Excited About Decaf - Here's Why

We often have customers walk into our cafes and bashfully ask if we have decaf, or if they’re even allowed to say that word in the stores. The answer is yes you may, and yes we do... and quite a nice one in fact! The trajectory in the demand for better quality decaffeinated coffee is ever-increasing. Like their caffeinated counterparts, not all decaf coffees are created equal.  What is Swiss Water Coffee? Sometimes referred to as ‘SWP’, ‘Water-Only’, ‘Dihydro-oxide’ or ‘Activated Charcoal’ decaffeination, the Swiss Water Decaf process is a world-renowned decaffeination method in which coffee is decaffeinated using an environmentally friendly, chemical-free water process. The caffeine is gently removed by means of temperature and time regulation, and using only fresh water from the coastal mountains of British Columbia. The most tangible benefit of Swiss Water decaf coffees...

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