It's Not All About Coffee With... Rob Cowles


It’s been a little while since we profiled a member of the Rosetta team, and today in our “It’s Not All About Coffee” blog, we chat to none other than co-founder, Rob Cowles.

Carry on down to read a bit more about the Rosetta origin story, some of the most rewarding times, challenges and achieving balance!

ROSETTA: Introduce yourself to us and tell us what you do at Rosetta / how long have you been working there? 

ROB: Jono and I started working one day a week on the idea of starting a specialty coffee-focused roasting business in 2009. I think 1 May 2010 was my first official day of doing Rosetta full time.

ROSETTA: What are some of the best things about being a part of the Rosetta team? 

ROB: The journey of us becoming a team has been rewarding... seeing the business develop a personality, gain its own DNA if you will, independent of the people who started it. It's great to have colleagues who're committed and passionate about what they do - especially when these traits are increasing, not waning, over time. We're a pretty diverse bunch too - so the perspective and insight you gain from spending time listening to, and working alongside other members of the group is enriching.

ROSETTA: Do you have any other passions, hobbies, special skills? Are you a parent? We want to know about your life outside your current job! 

ROB: I'm married to Jess, and we have a one year old boy, Archer — he's been the recipient of all of our spare time and passion for the last while! I'm lucky in that I do get to channel quite a few of my interests and hobbies into the business — coffee, design, food... even the process of trying to build something authentic, sustainable and that challenges the preconceptions of the market. This is definitely the stuff I'm thinking about if I wake at 2am. We love traveling - when we're able to - too.

ROSETTA: Has the pursuit of excellence in one passion helped you to pursue excellence in another? 

ROB: We've worked really hard to instil a desire for excellence in the team... even in the little things. An appetite for excellence definitely spills over into other areas of our lives, and rubs off on other people. I definitely have times of failing - when I realise an obsessive focus on one thing means that other priorities are being neglected. So my pursuit of excellence in achieving balance is definitely an area I'm working on.


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