At Rosetta Roastery we're passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them. We source single origin and estate coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, micro-roasting each one to best present its unique personality. Great coffee is best enjoyed fresh and at leisure, which is why we deliver twice weekly in Cape Town, free of charge.

Now open on Saturdays: Rosetta Roastery's salute to the gainfully employed

For the longest time, the Rosetta Roastery's coffee bar has been a cornerstone to the hardworking citizens of Woodstock. Whether it was staving off post-weekend blues early on a Monday morning, or propelling coffee lovers into the weekend late on a Friday afternoon, Rosetta Roastery has been an essential part of the Woodstock workweek.

Beyond Thunderdome

Recently, however, after a few early morning chats with some of you, we began to suspect that we were missing a part of the bigger picture. Could it be that we had more to offer than just sublime solutions to flagging workweek productivity?
As it turned out, workweek productivity (something we sought inspire) was often the very thing standing between you and your Tipperary. Your iron shackles of nine-to-five all but eclipsed our golden trading hours of 08:00-to-16:00. Which meant that the gainfully employed seldom got to spend their earnings on coffee that befitted their discerning lifestyle. Thankfully, those days are over.

A new era of luxury leisure time

Now open from 09:00 to 13:00 every Saturday at the Woodstock Exchange, Rosetta Roastery will not only be purveying a range of Single Origin espresso drinks and otherworldly slow brews, but we will also be selling our fresh roasted beans, and delectable comestibles courtesy of Jason Bakery and Saszali chocolates.

And if you happen to be dragging along non-coffee-drinkers (and other variations on the undead) here are some other attractions waiting for you at the Woodstock Exchange:
Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish and Seafood - the most amazing seared salmon and tuna burgers, as well as sushi grade fresh fish to take home and prep for dinner.
The Lock Stock Design Market - a carefully curated series of craftsman and designers display their wares every Saturday at the WEX.
Superette - Gourmet sandwiches, pub lunches, and craft beers.
Chapel Quality Handmade Goods - One of Woodstock's best kept secrets. Don't miss out on Chapel's incredible range of discerning bags and accessories.

See you all soon.

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