Frinsa Washed 2021/22, Indonesia

Frinsa Washed 2021/22, Indonesia

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Full, crisp plum, lemongrass

Roasters' Notes:

Starting his first coffee project twelve years ago, ​​farmer Wildan is still abiding by the same standards since its inception: Quality and innovation being at the epicentre of the collective. Year after year, we are bowled over by the calibre of coffees being produced by the estate.

Wildan's impeccable processing protocols have started to challenge industry-wide perceptions of Indonesian coffee flavour profiles. With that extra attention taken during cherry selection, processing and drying, we can at last see what has been lying dormant in the realm of possibility for the region.

After the initial soak time during the roast, we push development and prolong caramelisation as much as possible without compromising complexity and clarity.

Roast style: Classic

Coffee Origin Information:

Attributed to the meticulous care of the Frinsa team, coffees from the estate overcome the humid, regional challenges. Most Indonesian producers focus their attention exclusively on wet hulled coffees which makes Wildan’s emphasis on fully washed processing quite unique. 

Washed coffees involve an initial dry ferment in small tanks for 15-18 hours before they are rinsed and soaked underwater for another 10-12 hours before a final wash with clean water.

  • Altitude: 1300m - 1500m ASL
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang & Others
  • Harvest: 2021/2
  • Region: West Bandung Regency, West Java, Java
  • Producer: Wildan Mustofa & family at Frinsa Estate