Compostable Coffee Capsules
Compostable Coffee Capsules
Compostable Coffee Capsules

Compostable Coffee Capsules

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We've partnered with the team at 4WKS to produce Nespresso machine compatible capsules, that are 100% compostable. 

We will always have a selection of coffees from our two main ranges -  Classic  or Progressive . Our current capsule offerings includes:

Progressive - Bensa, Ethiopia


Classic - Fazenda Passeio, Brazil

Follow the above links for more information on the origin and flavour profile of these coffees.

 Includes: 30 capsules with a mix of our seasonal classic and progressive choices, as outlined above.

Some notes on our capsule coffee performance:

On default Nespresso machine settings, one capsule will yield approximately 30ml (30g) of coffee beverage, using the 'short' button. Our pods will produce a drink a little weaker than a mokapot (Bialleti) brew. We recommend both pod iterations be drunk black - diluted a little if you wish - say to the strength of an Americano. If you prefer a milky drink, we recommend using at least two capsules (both brewed using the 'short' setting) as the base to which you add milk. 

Our capsule bags indicate the date of encapsulation - which is a few days post roast (in order to let coffee de-gas appropriately). Due to the pod material, freshness does play a part in the quality of the beverage - so we recommend consuming within a month of the encapsulation date for optimal results.

For those of you who're interested, here are some of the achievable / recommended metrics for our capsule extractions:

  • Dosage per pod: 6g on average
  • Run time: 16 - 18 seconds (can fluctuate based on machine model)
  • Beverage Strength: 2.95 - 3.05% TDS
  • Extraction Yield: Approx 16-18%