El Molino, El Salvador

El Molino, El Salvador

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Nougat, cocoa nib, biscuit

Roaster's notes: Molino is a tricky beast, in that it has loads of wild components that one feels compelled to tame, but being an alt-process coffee, one has to be super gentle at the same time. The end result is rather long profile, with a moderate amount of development time, but a mild drop out temperature.

Roast style: Classic

Coffee origin information:

Jose Antonio is a 6th generation coffee producer. He and his sons now grow coffee on several farms around the coffee-renown Santa Ana Volcano. The altitude the coffee is produced at is considered high for the area - it's difficult to produces at higher elevations - but it is lower than that of many of our other offerings. This, along with the honey processing, has produced a coffee with gentle acidity that is easy drinking and especially pleasing as an espresso and milk option.

  • Altitude: 1200 -1800m ASL
  • Processing: Honey
  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Region: El Molino Farm, Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • Producer:  Jose Antonia Salaverria