Bensa, Ethiopia

Bensa, Ethiopia

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Silky & light, floral aromas, stonefruit

Roasters' Notes:

We approach roasting our Bensa lot with vigour when dropping in to avoid long, slow profiles which mute the more delicate florals and bright fruit notes.

Ethiopian coffees can be effortless to roast in the sense that quality green beans, with their high growing elevations and distinctive heirloom varieties, almost always measure up to the expectation of this esteemed origin with very little meddling by high-spirited roasters. They become troublesome because it’s so easy to allow the momentum of the ramp to build up so much that controlling development becomes unmanageable.

Once we hit first crack, we pull back the heat and the result is a cup teeming with sweet summer fruit, candied orange and pronounced jasmine florals on the nose.

Roast style: Progressive 

Coffee Origin Information:

Ethiopia saw a much better harvest over 2021 with bountiful yields and improved maturity of cherries after experiencing a good season of rain in addition to increased average temperatures.

With the denationalisation of the coffee industry in the country, there has been a spotlight on burgeoning growing regions and municipalities. In West Arsi, bordering the Bale Mountain, Faysel Abdosh has seven washing stations as well as his own export business, Testi Coffee Exporters. His cousin, Adam, has been helping grow the family business since his move from Texas in 2014.

Faysel is exceptionally industrious in his approach and aims to showcase quality above all else to the industry. He adheres to very meticulous processing strategies and makes use of the best modern machinery he can access.

Their ‘Project Direct’ focuses on providing education and school supplies to farmer’s children. Both Faysel and Adam consider giving back not just an obligation, but a passion. They strive to give as much back to those who have played a major role in producing the specialty coffee they are so proud to supply to us.

  • Altitude: 1950m - 2000m ASL
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: Heirloom Varieties
  • Harvest: 2021/2022
  • Region: Bensa Area, West Arsi, Ethiopia
  • Producer: Faysel Abdosh of Bensa Washing Station